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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Retail Therapy

It's been a long and snowy winter so when the opportunity for shopping presents itself, who am I to say no? I have a big file at work that involves Canada, the US and Australia so organizing a conference call with these countries has its challenges. The best time of day is our 5pm (8am in Australia) so that's what I was doing late this afternoon, listening to crackly accented Aussies and drawly southerners talk about pesticides.

With all this snow, what could be better than hitting the slopes? That's what I would have been doing tonight if I didn't have this conference call. That's what J and some friends did tonight.

I left work, called J's sister, SJ, and went to the mall. We went to one store and did rather well. Fashion show! Fasion show! Fashion show at lunch. (The Office reference.) I got good clothes for work and had a good time. Good times.

And I don't have a bump on my head and a sore shoulder. Ahem.

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  1. Shopping definitely takes the edge of missing out on's kind of awesome that this pesticide stuff is all international and what not...that's cool.

    It's getting melty here and we're supposed to get rain. I think the spring transition is the worst seasonal transition because of the half melted, dirty snow and the "oh it's winter, why bother scooping up my dog's poo?". Because of spring, jerk!

    Anyways, we're not there yet. :-) Your work sounds cool, good stuff.