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Monday, March 17, 2008

Long Regular Weekend

This past weekend was a good one. It started off well with a big nap after work Friday. I woke up in time to get to my hockey game with work people. The game was fun and I didn't get hurt (a very real concern when playing with men). Six of us went out afterwards to a bar that wasn't all that busy (good because of the hockey smell that was radiating from us). Meanwhile, J was drinking at another bar with some friends after seeing "the best movie ever!" or something like that.

Saturday and Sunday mornings happened, but not to us since we slept in like champs. It was that kind of weekend. Got a lot done too: J shoveled out all the down spouts so that when all the snow melts, the water has somewhere to go other than into our basement; I got groceries. Important stuff.

Saturday night we played darts, ate pizza and watched episodes of Black Adder while much scotch was consumed. Sunday, however, was party night. Parties on either side of town. J headed West and I went East. He had a birthday sausage party and I had a crepe girl party. I hadn't had crepes in I don't know how long and they were great. It was a good night.

And thankfully this is a short week so that I can try and cram more into next weekend. Plans, anyone?

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  1. The movie in question is "In Bruges" and my party had equal numbers of boys and girls. Not specifically a sausage party.