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Thursday, March 27, 2008


This morning I realized that my passport was expiring sometime soon. I got to work and filled out what I could on the online application form and forgot about it. I was smart enough to send myself an email at home to remind myself to look at the expiry date of my passport. Turns out it expired last week. Lucky I thought about it when I did. Wouldn't that have been bad? Getting the the airport before a big Europe trip only to find out I couldn't go because I didn't have a valid passport. Talk about ruining the party.

P365 Day 86 March 27  100_1237 (Medium)

I finished filling out the application form and went and got my picture taken. I had to show the guy how to work the light. Come to think of it, I should have asked for half price on my pictures. My picture turned out awful, but it's only for 5 years. Right?

I'm not out of hot water yet. That will come when I have my new passport in my hands. Fingers crossed that I get it in the 2 weeks they promise.

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  1. I hear that if you really, really need it they can do 48 hours rush service. In general though, just make sure that the passport office knows that you're leaving the country in a few weeks and that you are worried about it taking too long and they'll probably take it into account. Sometimes you can shave off a day by picking it up yourself from the office as well.

    When I last renewed my passport It arrived in the mail 7 days (5 business days!) after I went to the passport office. I did the quick form though.

    Definitely go to the hull office instead of Ottawa, and think about going about a half-hour before closing time. Apparently they keep the doors open until the closing time and then they close the doors, but finish serving everyone that is inside. I can't confirm this - it's only what I've heard but supposedly it's much less busy then.

    Good luck!