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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Grass is Greener

You know when you can't do something, that's the exact thing you want to do? Well, since we're snowed in all I want to do is drive somewhere. Sure, I could walk to the Mac's down the street or the grocery store WAY down the street, but I want to hop in the car and drive. And it's because I can't.

I have to admit that I'm suffering from cabin-fever after being stuck inside since we got home from work Friday. It's ridiculous how much snow we've gotten. There are currently three cars stuck at the end of my street. This past week, and only because of all the snow, I've actually thought about how nice an SUV would be. Normally I think they are much bigger than people actually need and wouldn't dream of ever having one. But if it could clear the snow on the street and get me to a mall I would get one.

Maybe I'll go out with my camera now that the snow has stopped and take wintery pictures of cars getting stuck in the snow. That might improve my mood. I hope your time getting through "Winter Storm 2008" is going well and that you can leave your house is you so please.

100_1092 (Medium)

100_1110 (Medium)


  1. All that snow is just crazy. Enough with winter already! We haven't had so much snow, but that whole "minus 40 again" thing is getting really really old.

  2. Gawd. My pics from the snow:

    before -
    after -

  3. I shovelled like 60 times this weekend. The result? Now I can barely see the spruce tree in my front yard.

    Also, our basement was ultra gloomy until I slogged my way around the house with a shovel and cleared the snow away from the windows. It's hard to clear snow away from windows when you have to dig randomly until you find the window.

    Don't worry batman, I bet the city will have the streets 'cleared' and you'll get your freedom tonight!