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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Broken Boss

Do you know how hard I work? I'll tell you: I work SO hard that I broke my computer. I give you the Blue Screen of Death:

P365 Day 58 February 27  100_0872 (Medium)

I should have known the clicking from yesterday was the hard drive dying and should have maybe saved some things on the common drive. Hindsight is always 20/20, I know.

In other work news, the coworker that I don't like so much is leaving. I found out last Wednesday and am so happy. Every time I think about her leaving I smile. My workload will increase significantly but I don't care. My work life will be better. SO much better.

And then yesterday I got an email saying that I got into the "developmental program" meaning I get a raise. It's a neat internal program to promote development, learning, career opportunities and all that jazz. Neat in theory, but they've been saying since I started that the program would open. In practice, the program takes forever so we'll see when I actually get any extra money out of the deal. Either way, I get bumped up a level and am happy.

Also, I should find out this week whether I will be the acting boss again for March. Leaving coworker was next in line, but she won't be here to do the job so it should fall to me. My boss is very fair so unless we get a permanent mini-boss, it should be me. That's even more money.

Other than the increased workload and the sometimes eye-twitch, work life is good. Especially with a brand new computer.

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