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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Very Good Weekend

It feels so good to have full weekends where you get lots done and you see people and you forget for a couple of days that you have to go back to work on Monday. That was the kind of weekend I just had.

We slept in a little Friday so we could go to dinner right from work. We had dinner with J's parents and sister and his cousin, G, and his fiance, JW. They're a cute couple.

P365 Day 4 January 4  100_0342 (Medium)

We hadn't made any plans for yesterday or today, but managed to throw together a nature hike with S&L and A Saturday afternoon. We remembered to bring birdseed and were able to feed the chickadees and took lots of really good pictures of them.

217_1705 (Medium)

The funniest part was when S went off the trail and was hip-deep in snow. We were all laughing and taking pictures.. poor guy.

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We went for pho afterwards and then decided that we'd have dinner together too. We went home and got ready (including napping and showering and cleaning - oh, the cleaning! Our house was so messy, but this forced us to tidy. Perfect!) We had fajitas and then played Guitar Hero for hours. A nice Saturday.

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I woke up today wanting to organize stuff. I had my eye on the computer / craft room so we got to it. We emptied the whole room, vacuumed and dusted, then put some things back in. The computer desk is all nicely set up along with the craft table. We need to get some drawer thingy for all the office-y-type stuff and hang something on the walls, but it made a big big difference and it feels good. There's still tons of stuff in the hallway and in the spare bedroom and our bedroom so the job's not done. Either we figure out a spot in the room or we throw it out.

P365 Day 6 January 6  100_0451 (Medium)

In the middle of the big organizing day, J's parents and sister stopped by for a bit. We kicked them out after not to long because I had a hockey game and J wanted to shovel the snow off the roof. We won our hockey game and J didn't fall off the roof. Everyone wins!

After my game, while I was waiting for my dinner to cook, I went through our change pot and separated out all the pennies. We're going to take them to a bank. I also took all of our foreign money and put it in my Afghan-box, fitting I think.

The last thing is the duvet clips. We clipped the duvet cover to the duvet using these little clips so hopefully the duvet won't slide down inside the cover. Bonus points if you know what I'm talking about.

Now that was a FULL weekend. That's exactly what I needed to get through the whole 5 days of work coming up.

And I'll leave you with a picture of Sandy. It's one of my favourites.

100_0469 (Medium)


  1. duvet clips? what an interesting idea.
    We have a twin-sized duvet in a queen-sized cover so we're very familiar with the sliding around inside teh cover effect.

    Aha! What did I tell you. teh. It happens all the time.