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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Corpse Bride

On the way home today we checked the mail. I was excited to see an envelope from the province - either my new driver's license or my health card. My excitement was replaced with disgust upon opening the envelope and seeing my picture. I think J's comment describes the picture best: I look like a corpse bride.

Laugh away:

100_0494 (Medium)

Wow. I'm stuck with this thing for the next five years. I'm just hoping my license picture turns out better.


  1. You only use your health card when you're feeling ill, right? So really, having a ghastly photo means that when it comes time to use your ID it will actually look like you! If someone showed up at the hospital feeling like death warmed over and their health card photo showed a happy, healthy smiling face... they just might be accused of fraud!

  2. LOL - I like Alan's reasoning!
    Really, I don't think the picture looks all that bad ... you should see my last licence photo... oy!

  3. My photos tend towards the axe murderer look, so I feel for you. I think if my job was to take pictures of people for the province, I might have a little fun trying to get the "best" pictures from people, just to make the time pass.

    Heh. Thanks for sharing :-)