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Saturday, January 12, 2008

That Was a Long Week

Now that it's the weekend it seems like the week passed quickly, but during the week it felt excruciatingly long. Just like that word.

It could be because that was the first five-day week in a while. It's getting brighter out and with the warmer temperatures, a lot of the snow has melted so goodbye winter blahs. Until next snow fall I guess.

I'm not even sure what to tell you about the week. Work was typical and therefore boring. Hockey went well even though we lost our game. I have three new bruises. I have to get used to being banged around again.

Nothing else is new with the house. Our spring cleaning / rearranging has slowed. The house is still a disaster from half-finished organizing jobs. It'll get better.

We've been thinking a lot lately about our next trip. Hopefully it'll be Italy in May. I've never been off the continent so it should be interesting. I know a lot of people who have been to Italy so I might be picking your brains in the next 4 months. I hardly know anything about the country and where to go / what to do. I'm still waiting for the Lonely Planet book that I ordered to get here so I can start reading up on things.

Speaking of ordering things, J ordered GH 3 and it showed up last night. I spent a couple hours hammering away on the guitar and hurting my wrist in the process. But now I've finished the game on easy with the guitar. That makes me a two-time guitar Hero. Heroine perhaps.

I need to go make some plans for the night or my weekend won't be hardly as spectacular as last. Too bad all I want to do is put on my comfy clothes and watch tv. Hmph.

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