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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Year House-iversary

One year ago today we excitedly drove to the lawyer's office to pick up the keys to our very first house.

Day 034 January 30  164_6499 (Medium)

We drove to the same place we'd been vising for the past 8 months but this time was different. This time we held the keys to our future. The first time we put the key in the lock was magical.

January 30..  164_6500 (Medium)

We were on such a high. We'd worked hard to save up enough money to buy a house and were lucky getting the lot we wanted and the closing date pushed back so far. Everything came together and we were finally homeowners.

January 30..  165_6503 (Medium)

We've been through a lot in the past year. We got grass and a driveway, trees and a fence, more interior things than I can mention. And it's all ours.

June 24..  177_7794 (Medium)

And then the snow came and now we wonder why we thought a two-car-wide driveway with a teeny-tiny patch of lawn was a good idea. Oops!

218_1820 (Medium)

Either way we're super mega happy with our house. We're loving being homeowners. Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner.

(Come to think about it, do they have different stickers for same-sex couples and singles? Hmm....)

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