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Thursday, January 3, 2008

my exciting life

i don't normally have more than one thing to say in a day. i mostly do the same things every day and that's not all that exciting: woke up, went to work, went home, ate food, watched tv / played guitar hero, went to bed. repeat. but it seems these days i have more to say. and it's only half because i'm going out more.

the going out more portion of my exciting life took me to the annual sharks christmas party last night. i know christmas has already come and gone but last night was the best night for most of the team. i wasn't sure i wanted to go because it's been really hard getting enough sleep with the erratic holiday / work non-schedule the past couple of weeks, but i'm so glad i did. the gift exchange was a highlight for me. on my way to the party, i stopped at the little mall near our old house and picked out a necklace and some earrings (i know, so NOT me but that made it more fun in a way). em ended up with them and i think she liked them. i got four fancy mango wood tray/bowl serving/decorative thingys.

100_0324 (Medium)

they're soft to the touch and very light and just look at the colour - i'm gushing. i really like them. thanks tina!

and here's the group shot that jessp's dave so gracefully took for me (along with pictures on four other cameras):

P365 Day 2 January 2  100_0307 (Medium)

when i got home from the festivities, j was so proud of himself - he had successfully set up our new universal super remote. it does everything and totally took over duties from five other remotes. now if it will only do the laundry. here it is after beating up on the other, lesser remotes. what a bully!

100_0313 (Medium)

after work today (which i'm happy to say went well for my second day in charge) i found out that a picture of mine was used in a youtube video thingy. check it out for yourself: the flickr calendar 2007. compelling design put it together using pictures from the project365 group that i'm a part of. i don't particularly like the picture of mine they chose but it fits in with the overall theme (theme - listen to me!) of the video and they credited me properly so i'm happy. plus, i think it kinda fulfills one of my 101 things by getting a picture published. what do you think?

everything's coming up batman.

i have to end with a picture. i just have to.

100_0318 (Medium)


  1. wow, that's an uber-remote all right. And the bowls look fancy. I love nice wood.

    Question for you about the photo in the 'flickr calendar'. Did they ask you for permission to use it, or did you just happen to find out about it after the fact? I don't know much about creative commons licensing.

  2. They told me via commenting on the photo after using it, which I thought was backwards, but I'm guessing if I asked to have it removed they would remove it.