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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last night we booked our trip to Europe. I think I'm addicted to traveling because it felt like we hadn't booked anything or gone anywhere in a long time. That's not true at all. Two months ago we were in Cuba, and two month plus a couple of days we booked it.

This trip will be different. We've done the backpacking thing (Costa Rica), we've done the visit family thing (Victoria), and we've done the all-inclusive resort thing (Cuba). Europe will be with friends and for a purpose: our friend Chris is having a huge wedding reception there to make up for the shotgun wedding he had here in November. There will be four of us traveling together and 4 we'll meet in Turin.

100_0602 (Medium)

We're flying in and out of Frankfurt, Germany because it's the cheapest. We have the wedding in Turin and that's it. We have to figure out everything we want to see, the places we want to visit between now and then.

You know what I'm most looking forward to? The anticipation. That's definitely what was missing from our last trip. We haven't had anything like this to look forward to since booking our Costa Rica trip. We have three months to think about it. Fun.

Yay EuroTrip!


  1. word for the wise - figure out the Italian word for 'train strike'. We spent an incredibly frustrating half hour trying to book a train ticket out of Italy on a day that no trains were running!

    btw, if you can hit the Cinque Terre area, do it. It's beautiful. And plan for more than one day in Rome! Oops!

  2. Awesome! You guys are really on the move! I'm super excited for you. Yeehaw. I've never traveled with a bunch of buddies, that sounds just fantastic. Will you keep us updated on your plans?