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Friday, December 28, 2007


just over a year ago, i read about a fun little project where you take one picture a day for a year. project365 sounded intriguing so i jumped in. most people wait until the beginning of the new year - not me, i started on december 28th.

i started taking the camera with me everywhere. it became an extension of me. i learned to always have it ready because a random shot of something out in the world was often more fun that a last-minute shot of something in my house. i learned that taking a picture every day made the days go by slow but that after a while the effect was amazing.

the project wasn't always easy and i sure didn't take 365 masterpieces, but looking over the set as a slideshow puts a smile on my face. i get to see just how much i did over the past year. you get to see our house go from an empty shell to what it is now. you get to see the places we visited and the people we saw. you get to see random tidbits of our lives.

now the 365 days is done and i can't imagine myself without my camera near-by, especially now that i have a new one. i don't think i will stop taking a picture a day - or as close to it as i can - for a while. taking pictures has become part of my life.

so here you have my project365, from december 28, 2006 to december 27, 2007. what a year!

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