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Monday, December 17, 2007

pictoral follow-a-long - things i've done lately

went to see beowulf. wore the goofy glasses. left about 20 minutes in. went shopping instead.

Day 349 December 11  217_1764 (Medium)

found out unsuccessful at work competition for own job. drank rum and used little ladies from cuba.

217_1771 (Medium)

went a different way home from work. saw a spectacular sunset.

217_1769 (Medium)

was granted permission to sign off on certain forms at work. last competency at higher level. same level of unsuccessful competition. what gives?

Day 350 December 12  217_1767 (Medium)

annual work christmas luncheon. danced like no one was watching when everyone was watching.

Day 351 December 13  217_1775 (Medium)

crazy party with j's coworkers. learned about the mystery basement toilet.

Day 353 December 15  218_1805 (Medium)

watched as huge amounts of snow turn two-car-wide driveway into narrow lane. shoveled.

218_1820 (Medium)

shoveled again.

218_1817 (Medium)

shoveled some more.

Day 354 December 16  218_1822 (Medium)

pigged out at work potluck lunch.

218_1825 (Medium)

now we're here.


  1. What's beowulf? I' mean, yeah a movie, but I've never had the chutzpah (sp?) to walk out on one before! Boo about the competition. Any other irons int he fire?

    We got a bunch too and I'm so exited about it! We're back in town for a good long while, I'll e-mail you about it, I want to see you. Later alligator :-)

  2. umm... what's the deal with the goofy glasses?

    talk about a lot of snow! My snowbanks are chest-deep over here!
    and guess what... it's snowing more right now.