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Monday, December 3, 2007

me, not the boss

when did life get so busy that i can't find time to update this blog?

let's go in chronological order, because i am me.

tuesday - the broken picture frame, c/o rolo:

Day 336 November 27  216_1615 (Medium)

wednesday - i had training (day 3 of 4) at work and a hockey game at night. training was fine. i partially avoided the annoying guy and still managed to get some work done on my breaks. hockey was good. it had been 3 weeks since i'd been on my skates. it felt nice to zoom around the ice. but i should tell you that 15 seconds into the game i had scored... myself a penalty. oops. i went out with the team afterwards. the new heart and crown is nice but they should really serve some cheap bar food instead of overprices hoity-toity food.

thursday - training, day 4 of 4 at work. and then i was supposed to see my parents but the snow, oh the snow. the driving was horrific and after an hour in the car for the 12km drive from work to home, i said that i would see them later and spent the night with my cats instead. i had been neglecting them so they were appreciative of the warm lap.

friday - friday was meet the big boss and tell her my decision about whether i wanted to be the little boss for the month of december or january. i chose january and she agreed. january it is, with the possiblity of spill-over into february. i left work late, knowing that i was probably headed straight to the airport to pick up j, and that's exactly what i did. i read the paper and watched the people. then i talked j's ear off on the drive home about all the boss and coworker crap that's been going on this week. poor guy. at least the cats were excited to see him.

saturday - and then he was called into work from 1-6am saturday morning. i slept. he slept for a bit and then was called in again so we went, he worked while i read in the car. that night was chris and silvia's wedding reception party thing at their apartment downtown. it was the strangest thing. their apartment is half the third floor of an old house. it reminded me of kingston houses. and seeing lots of drunk people dancing to hey ya brought me right back to university. it was fun though. congratulations to chris and silvia.

sunday - most of the afternoon i spent baking cookies for the cookie exchange. we took a break to greet j's sister at the airport, back from a 6-month rotation in afghanistan, civilian-style. it was obvious she was super tired after 24 hours of travel. too bad that we couldn't go to dinner, but we had to get back before people came over. there were 9 or us for the cookie party. the cookies were tasty and the night was fun. i have about 6 million cookies if anyone wants any.

today - there is tons of snow. we woke up early and shoveled and we'll have to shovel again when we get home. welcome to winter in canada. at least the drive in wasn't bad. i think a lot of people stayed home. i was looking forward to coming to work today to see how my coworker who is the boss this month would be, but it didn't go down the way i thought it would. i thought the big boss would pull my coworker into her office but instead my coworker was told she was expected at a meeting NOW and was told after the fact. then she came to me asking why i didn't warn her. she's all smug, which is better than the sarcastic b*tch she was before, but still no fun. it's going to be a long december.


  1. cue music by counting crows....

    I'm sure it will be a long december, but not too long because it is almost officially ramp-down-to-non-denominational-holiday season, isn't it?

    At least you get to be little boss in Jan... Then when the real little boss comes back it'll all be fresh in everyone's mind how awesomely you did your job.

    In other news, do you know how hard it is to not eat cookies when you have a whole bag full of them on the counter staring at you? The answer: Very.

  2. cool about the recap. I hope your workmate knows you're taking ove later on! You'll be great at that, I'm willing o bet. I'm SO SAD I missed your cookie exchange, AGAIN. We should have a mailing exchange. Heh.

    Have a great beginning to december :-)