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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

this and that

- i just got an email from alan about human remains being found right near where we were hiking saturday. that's only a little creepy.

- i just set the date for my third annual cookie exchange party. i haven't been extremely social this fall and was wondering if anyone even remembered that it was coming up and then i got a message about it on my facebook. people do remember and even look forward to it. that feels nice.

- i have a four-day training course coming up. tomorrow and thursday and then next wednesday and thursday too. it's leadership for first time managers. it couldn't have better timing with my acting coming up december 1st.

- it gets dark early with the time change and i'm finding that i'm getting tired earlier and i'm crankier. maybe i just need more chocolate.

- i'm almost at the point where i'm going to break down and go and see my doctor. my body still isn't right after cuba. i thought whatever it was would pass. it didn't and i broke down last week and talked to a pharmacist who gave me some drugs. the drugs helped somewhat but i'm still not right.

- i just found out that our friend chris proposed to his girlfriend and is getting married next wednesday. so we have bachelor/bachelorette parties to go to friday night. crazy.

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  1. more chocolate and a trip to the doc might serve you well.

    Or, a healthy dose of fluffy white snow to squash those early-winter blahs!