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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

lacking in the visual

i've been out more in the past half-week than in the past couple of months and taken hardly any pictures. i guess that's the way it goes.

saturday night was chris' bachelor party and silvia's bachelorette, or so i thought. we got dressed up and went downtown. j dropped me off at the bar. the girls weren't there. i called chris to find out where silvia was and found out the party was the next night. so i called everyone i knew but no one was downtown. thankfully sylvia had already asked me over so i called her and headed over.

j headed to the drunk tank. let's just say the bachelor party was like any other and j had a good time. and i had a good time with sylvia, and later alan. we got home just before 4am and slept in like champs.

sunday we had the usual dinner with j's grandparents and then i went back downtown but this time met up with the girls. there were 5 of us at a swanky martini lounge. it wasn't what i was expecting.. more of a girls night out than a bachelorette party, but i had a great time. it was a good mix of people and a lot of fun. i still giggle thinking of silvia asking the hot bartender for a 'sexual pleasure' and then later asking for an 'easy tiger', you know, to lead him on and then turn him down. it was funny.

last night i had dinner made for me again. with j out of town (oh, j's out of town this week) his family must feel bad for me and is cooking me meals and hanging out with me. it's very nice. this time it was his parents. i really appreciate it. cooking for one just isn't any fun.

and on that note, i invited sylvia and lindsay over for a girls night in and we ordered chinese food. again, good times. rolo got a little cranky that we were hanging out in the living room and knocked over a picture frame we got in costa rica. i was surprised at my own reaction: it's totally fine. i know that j will try and fix it and he'll probably do a really good job and it'll be more us because it's broken and we have cats who knock things over.

and now i get to veg out on the couch. i have enough left over chinese food to last me for a while, though i might need to buy some salad to counteract the deep fried goodness that is chinese food, but i have lunch for tomorrow and likely for the rest of the week.

and i'm getting another dinner made for me thursday night when i go and mooch off my parents... i mean, when i go visit them. i'm on a mission though: book them a trip somewhere hot for right after christmas. they deserve a vacation. to ward off high blood pressure, the cold ottawa winter and such.

and i can dream about what i'm going to do with my remaining 5 vacation days. hmmm...


  1. I can't think of any salad that goes well with chinese take out. Better just stick with the deep-fried items!

  2. getting away from high-bloodpressure is always a good idea :)
    Thanks for a good time!