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Thursday, November 1, 2007

it's official

i've been dreaming about cuba for a while now and tonight we made it official: we're going to cuba this saturday! like in 48 hours! FOR REAL!!!

monday i went off on a trip-tangent and researched churchill, manitoba for a bit until i realized that you have to book WELL in advance. definitely something to keep in mind for future travel, but this trip is all about cuba. cuba cuba cuba.

we're going to playa caleta in varadero from saturday to saturday. it's rated pretty high and has windsurfing included (j's happy). we'll take lots of pictures.

one more day of work and then play.


  1. exciting!

    look at you all last-minute travelling. The resort looks nice too - although hopefully you will have a better experience with the food than 'anonymous from toronto' had!

  2. That's awesome! Wow! Last minute travel, super cool. Definitely looking forward to pictures. Have an excellent time B :-) Cuba is beautiful and interesting.


  3. Hurray for last minute travel is right!! Cuba is awesome, you will love it. If you can, be sure to get into Havana. It is nothing like you've seen before. We went to the Tropicana show, also something totally worth doing. It might seem pricey, but it is definitely a highlight of our trip there last March.

    Have fun!!!

  4. That sounds amazing, Sooo jealous! Have a great time!!!

  5. Have a great trip!

  6. Hmmm.. Churchill, Manitoba OR Cuba? I think you made the right decision, lol.