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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

when reading isn't good

reading isn't good when you've got about 150 pages left in a really good book and you stay up until 2am finishing said book and you have to get up at 7am. i think that the lack of sleep sunday night is why i'm feeling like i'm getting sick again. my throat is killing me.

i was able to catch up on sleep a little yesterday (small nap) and last night (8 straight hours of sleep) but my throat still hurts. i'm hoping it will pass.

i played hockey last night. the game was out in arnprior and i barely made it in time... and then i still had to get dressed. i missed the first few minutes and when i was walking to the bench, i walked for a bit on concrete after the padded okay-for-skate-blades flooring ran out. oops! i fell a lot and now desperately need to get my skates sharpened. i'm out of clear tape too.

j and i went and got groceries after work monday and got more vegetables than ever. we had momentum so we cut everything up and have been eating well this week. my hope is that we can keep it up. it really amazes me when couples or families can eat so well when they work all day. i just don't get where people find the time to do it all.

tonight my parents and my grandfather are coming over. my grandfather is moving back to holland and stopped in town on his way. it's also his birthday today. so we'll make him tea and show him our house and send him on his way. i have some tv from last night to catch up on and i'm looking forward to putting on my comfy pants and hunkering down on the couch with a cat or two. and maybe tonight i'll be good like last night and not start another book and get lots of sleep. one can hope.

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