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Monday, October 22, 2007


saturday night we went to "thong roast 2007" hosted by j&s. it was absolute hilarity. we had a nice sit down dinner, drank wine and played wii.. all while wearing thongs outside our pants. here j gets a wedgie:

213_1312 (Medium)

sunday, j and went to mud lake to take some pictures. it was absolutely beautiful outside. i can't believe it's almost halloween.

213_1363 (Medium)

213_1359 (Medium)

213_1355 (Medium)

and now we're back to work. we did groceries today and got more vegetables than normal. i'm positive we're going to start eating more fruits and veggies. well, start eating healthier in general.

i went to the gym for the first time today. about two weeks ago i signed up for the gym across the street from work but then i got sick. today i went and biked and did some weight work. you'd think i'd never been to a gym before - i felt lost and didn't remember any exercises. i have to work on that.

hockey tomorrow night. i've been off for two weeks so we'll see how i feel after the game. and then it's halloween and parties galore. we have to start thinking what we'll carve our pumpkin into this year. i can't even remember if we had a pumpkin last year. ah well.


  1. Hey Batman. Happy to see you feeling well!
    Mud Lake looks lovely. That's a really great set of photos you and J snapped. I'm looking forward to getting our Photography Club back out there!

  2. Thanks for checking out my pictures. I haven't quite organized them all yet though.

    It's definitely time to get out again, before it gets too cold. A&S - it's your turn to pick a place!

  3. My bad,
    Her school has been crazy hectic, and I'm full of the cold... we're party poopers at the moment.