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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


this was an insanely busy weekend. friday night we went out of town for a pre-wedding party for vik and karen. it was buffet dinner and open bar. needless to say it got a little rowdy.

212_1228 (Medium)

at least no one puked in our car on the way home.

saturday, we were supposed to go to the aerial park but it was raining so we cancelled that. j is looking for the best version of the xbox 360 so we went to lots of stores looking for one. didn't find one (i keep telling him that christmas is coming up and he should not buy anything but he won't listen). it was his family's thanksgiving dinner that night. the food was really good. then we headed downtown for the bar for vik's last night as a single man. we didn't stay long.

sunday was the big day. the ceremony was early afternoon and was beautiful.

213_1301 (Medium)

my new black shoes didn't agree with my feet so i'm left with huge blisters on my ankles, but i looked good.

213_1317 (Medium)

we spent some time with j's family after the ceremony since we had some time to kill before the rest of the wedding. we went back for cocktails and dinner and finally dancing. the whole night was a lot of fun. congratulations to vik and karen!

thankfully monday was a day off. we slept in and didn't leave the house all day. my parents came over for tea in the afternoon but that's it. a much needed break from our hectic week.


  1. Based on the photo above, I would have to say that the dress and shoe shopping was a success! You both look great.

  2. I concur! Your hair looked really nice too. Very shiny.
    I like your dress; I like how the pattern is broken up by black. Very chic. Was it two different materials as well? Where did you purchase your dress?