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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


i went shopping last night. for 4 hours. if you know me at all this should shock you. but what's more is that i bought stuff. expensive stuff. girlie stuff.

when we were scrambling to get ready for the party last sunday night, i was appalled at my wardrobe (i don't even know if that word has an e after the r). i have very limited clothing and hardly anything dressy at all. so i made it my mission to get something dressy for the wedding. i wanted the typical little black dress that every girl is supposed to have. i wanted a pair of nice-ish black shoes (nice-ish because i will not wear heals). i wanted some nice shirts in case i couldn't find a dress. mission accomplished.

i started out looking for dresses because i was pretty sure i would find something. i did, but the one that fit the best was so close to my skin colour that it looked awful. in that same strip mall, i found a really nice shirt. then i went to a big indoor mall where i knew tons of shoes stores lived and found a cute little pair of black shoes. i don't normally associate cute with the things that i wear, especially not on my feet, but these are cute. and my orthotics fit in them. and they were less than half the price i was willing to pay. i found another nice shirt and decided i had to focus on finding a dress. and i did. it's classy and fun and fits well and wasn't too much money. spend a little less on shoes and pay a little more for a dress... works for me.

i get home feeling like a prostar and give j a fashion show. he was just as impressed with me as i was: super mega impressed. plus i brought him food. that always helps. i took a little teaser picture and will post that soon. i'm hoping i don't chicken out and do wear the dress to the wedding. apparently the girl in me is slowly coming out. hold on tight to your wallet - this girl is learning to shop!

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