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Monday, October 1, 2007


i promised you a full weekend of stuff and that's exactly what we had. friday night we went to j&d's house warming party. they bought a little townhouse not too far from our old place. turns out it has four good sized bedrooms. it was deceptively big and so colourful compared to our new-house-off-white walls. there weren't many people there but that was nice because we actually got to talk to her friends. and one of them had this cute little dog that i fell in love with. it was about the size of sandy but with a much bigger head. it was so cute.

saturday we went to meech lake with a&s, s&l and t. we hiked to the ruins of a fertilizer plant which was right beside a waterfall. it was beautiful and the weather was so nice... too cold for nudists though. one of the sites about meech lake warns about the nudists that tan right near the ruins and waterfall but there were none. we climbed around there for a couple of hours. a&s had to leave for a party and we dropped t off at his house. j and i went with s&l to their place for dinner. i had steak for the first time in i don't even know how long but i'm thinking 3 or 4 years. i've been building back up to it slowly by eating hotdogs and regular bacon and then hamburgers this summer. i was a little worried about it, but my body was fine. we had a great dinner and then watched a slideshow of all the pictures we had taken that day and at the abandoned mine a couple of weeks ago. the slideshow was over 30 minutes long - a lot of pictures!

sunday was run for the cure. i hadn't signed up and was waiting - i shouldn't have waited because i would have trained if i had signed up earlier - but after all the hiking and the steak-eating, i decided it would be best if i didn't attempt to run. so i was the official family photographer instead. it was early and cold and there were tons of people. j, who registered online, didn't get a numbered bib so i took one of the "i'm running for..." tags and wrote "the best number" on it. he wore that. j and his parents all finished the 5K with good times and i got some good pictures of them running and of the cheerleaders. for j.

in the early afternoon sunday, i met l at the women's show. we were in and out pretty quickly but saw everything there was to see and got the bag of goodies. there was no stripper pole this time but i do have some feedback for the wedding show people.

back at j's parent's house, j saw that our car had been hit, probably in the parking lot at the women's show. there's an indent, paint transfer and scraping along the driver's side, both the back door and the driver's door. we just got the rear bumper fixed and haven't even totally put the car back together (they didn't put the panel on the inside of the trunk back on properly) and then this happens. unbelievable.

we leisurely drove home from j's parent's house only to find out that the party we had that night was actually a formal thing. j and i are not the formal-type people and had to scramble to figure out what to wear. we put ourselves together and were only 15 minutes late. it was the indian portion of v&k's wedding, which is this coming sunday. there were tons of people there, an open bar and buffet dinner, lots and lots of singing and dancing and chanting and praying and craziness. v's mom was continuously pulling us up to dance and dancing with everyone. j was drinking (drunk) and fell in love with indian music. he was having the time of his life dancing with everyone there. there was one point when v's mom gathered all the women and made us march onto the dance floor and one by one put a scarf-covered bowl on our heads while everyone danced around clapping. it was insane!

we got home relatively early, 11pm. poor cats could hardly remember what we looked like after us being out practically all weekend. we took all the pictures off the cameras and eventually they will make their way onto flickr and then i will be able to pictorally show you this weekend. promise.

this week and coming weekend are going to be mega busy too with the wedding and hockey and thanksgiving and family stuff all going on but i will try and update my blog more often than last week.

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