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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm alive!

i'm not dead - just super sick and not up to sitting at the computer much. i left work early last thursday and spent that day, friday, the whole weekend, and all of yesterday on the couch. i only left the house for a couple of hours saturday night for dinner. i'm gross sick, but i still have my appetite so it's not the flu, just a bad bad cold.

i went to work today because i was a little worried about my manager asking for a doctor's note and now that i don't really have a doctor that would be a problem. (i actually currently have two doctors: my real doctor is closing his practice; my potential new doctor i haven't met yet. but still.) my manager doesn't care about a note and wants me to only come in when i feel better. perfect. kiss away mornings for now. mornings are awful. they're awful because sleeping is hard and not restful and mornings are early.

whine whine whine.

i was at work today for about three hours. that was enough. i went through all my voicemails and emails and got rid of one of my files (in my job, i get lots of files but hardly ever get rid of any so this was nice) and left.

i think the cats missed me. except j was home all day because he's now sick (sorry j!) it's definitely going around and i'm sorry if i made you sick.

i just wanted to check in. i will be updating my flickr soon enough and will have posts of pictures for you in a couple days (famous last words or for real... who knows) unless the sick somehow gets worse.

here's hoping it doesn't.


  1. I am totally losing my doctor too. He's closing his practice. I have been going to the same doctor's office since before I was born! Not fair!

    sorry to hear you're so icky sick.

  2. Apparently you have to have divine intervention to even get a doctor in waterloo, so we haven't really tried (though I guess that's the sure way to never get one!). Sucks to be sick but you seem to have an understanding supervisor who doesn't want her whole office getting sick which is amazing and maybe a bit rare! Sleep well :-)

  3. Take care of yourself, batman!