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Thursday, October 4, 2007

hockey all stars

my hockey team had its first game last night. if it weren't for the first three minutes where we were scored on three times, we would have probably won. the first period, especially those first few minutes, were bad, but then we picked it up. i don't feel like i played my best game, but i like the speed and i will get better.

afterwards, we went to the prescott and as i was looking around for my teammates, a guy at the bar tried this pick-up line on me: look's like you're looking for somebody. no sh*t! i said i was and then he asked me if i had a name. i told him i had three names and walked away. what a winner.

my teammates finally showed up and we ate and drank and watched a period of the sens/leafs game. i like the new jerseys.

i got home relatively early and was in bed well before midnight but i'm still exhausted today. i'm looking forward to sleeping in on monday. our weekend is packed with wedding stuff and family stuff so i'm not sure if i'll be able to sleep in. at least i can count on monday.

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