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Monday, October 29, 2007

crazy week, kinda

it feels like last week was a crazy week but it wasn't really. we had lots of plans but a lot of them feel through or we just didn't go.

i started going to the gym across the street from work and managed to go three times last week. i biked and did weights and ran. the gym is small and so not-goodlife but it's cheap and it's convenient. two things that matter to me.

i played hockey all the way in arnprior tuesday night. before the game i walked across some concrete and dulled my skates so i had to get them sharpened. we did that friday night.

my parents were supposed to come over wednesday - that didn't happen - and then on saturday - that didn't happen either. my grandfather is gone back to holland now and my parents have a two-day stay at a resort-y place.

there were three halloween parties we were invited to this weekend and we didn't go to a single one. there's something about halloween parties that i don't like.

thankfully, with a brand new xbox 360 j didn't mind staying home either. we played guitar hero II on cooperative mode for hours.

we had dinner with j's parents saturday night and with his parents and grandparents last night. the food was amazing and not having to cook is pretty nice too.

we ran the 5K rattle me bones race yesterday morning. i looked up as i was crossing the finish line and saw a time of 39 minutes. i knew i didn't run as fast as i could have, but 39 minutes was a little demoralizing. turns out that time was for the 10K race that started well before the 5K and i most likely finished under 30 minutes. i'm not sure i'll do that race again - it was mega disorganized. now i'm being talked into doing the resolution run on december 31st. brrrrr!

work has been mega busy and friday, i was asked if i wanted the opportunity to act as section head of my group for a month (at some point over the next 4 months) along with three of my coworkers. it's almost unheard of for someone at my level to get an opportunity like this so i'm taking it. i tell them today.

i read about the polar bears in churchill last night and realized going there would probably be more fun than going to cuba so i looked into it. it would be WAY more expensive than going to cuba and we would have had to book this time last year. shoot. cuba it is.

and that's about it. i'm avoiding the real halloween by having a hockey game this wednesday night. other than that it's just the same old same old around here.


  1. wow, slow week for comments. this was such a meaty post too!

    The part about guitar hero jumped out at me. I'm jealous - I've never played.

    that could be a hint ;-)

  2. I know Alan, without you my blog isn't quite the same. I hope you're feeling better!

    You and Sylvia should definitely come over for a Guitar Hero night. It's strangely addictive.

  3. I am definitely well on my way to recovering from the 'worlds nastiest cold'(tm). I wonder if you can judge the state of my health based on the quantity of comments I leave on your blog. Any students out there need a research topic?

    And as far as GH - it's a date. In fact, I think you should cancel your travel plans and have us over instead....