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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

update: RX-7

we found out how much it will cost to fix the rx-7. any guesses? no? okay, i'll tell you. $7500. that's 150% what we paid for the car in the first place. needless to say, we're not getting it fixed. it is living, temporarily, at the shop.

we got the call from the shop friday after work. i was relieved that it was such a big amount so that there was no maybes about getting it fixed. it was a flat-out NO.

now we have to figure out what to do with it. the engine is still in great shape and has very low mileage so i asked j if he could post on some of the forums he visits to see if anyone would be interested in a) the whole car, or b) parting out the car. he said that a) we needed pictures before we could post anything, and b) he didn't want to do it yet because didn't-i-think-for-one-second-that-he-might-be-a-little-upset-about-losing-the-car? oops.

i left him alone to sulk (aka play online computer games).

when we next talked, he had posted and already had some interest.

the light at the end of the tunnel is that while we won't have the car to drive anymore, we may get some money for it.

and j's okay.


  1. whoooo.... $7500 is a lot. Will you get any cash from the insurance folks to put toward a replacement?

    stupid question but... I bet there are a lot of rx7s with decent body and wrecked engine out there for cheap. And, you have a 2-car garage. Sounds like a good project...

  2. We didn't have collision insurance, just fire and theft. So no, we won't be getting any money, but they will be covering the lightpost replacement.

    As for your other question, we'll be the one supplying (for a price) the good engine to such a project car. It will not be our project.

  3. I'm so glad J is okay. Too bad about the car, but with a good condition engine, you sould be able to salvage something from the incident, so its all good news.

    Wow, body work is so expensive...