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Thursday, September 13, 2007

time flies slowly

it's thursday already. i missed posting yesterday because i was in meetings for about two thirds of my work day, which is about 100% more than usual. this week has been a weird one thanks to having to work all weekend at the wedding show. every day has felt like it should have been friday but then all of a sudden it's thursday. odd.

i've been dreaming about work. you know it's time for a vacation when....

last week i was really good about not napping and limiting the time i spent reading at night (and therefore getting to sleep earlier than usual). this week has been killer. monday, i went for a run at lunch time (to exercise and to get away from my desk for a while - though my 1.5K didn't take all that long) and was able to not nap after work. tuesday i was a complete zombie and convinced j to take his free afternoon off so we could go home and "rest". we slept from 2-6pm. obviously we were both tired.

the napping hasn't stopped. we got home from work yesterday and i konked out for over 3 hours. i was mega proud that i was able to fall asleep before 1am after that.

but the problem is still there: i dream about work. i should bill my employer for overtime. it's ridiculous and obviously work is getting to me and i should be able to deal with it better than i am. i spend enough time here to then go to sleep and be right back at my desk. my submissions are haunting me.

ergo i need a vacation. that is the first time i've used that word on this blog. welcome to a first of mine!

i talked to a travel agent at the show on sunday and asked about last minute deals to somewhere hot. she recommended cuba and so has everyone i've talked to since. i need to do more research on the country and resorts and do more convincing of j if i have any hope of going. i joked that i was going to book us a trip for his birthday (which is saturday by the way) and that way he couldn't say no. i'll keep you posted.

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  1. Geebus! If you need info on Cuba, let me know honey!