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Thursday, September 6, 2007

soft spot

i have a soft spot for a good sunrise or sunset. there's something so beautiful about the sky and the light and the clouds. since i'm not much of a morning person, i don't get to see the sun rise very often, but starting work at 7am - and actually getting to work on time - helps with the sunrise-spotting.

tuesday morning the sunrise was spectacular. the sky was full of white and gray clouds and the light was beaming through in a circular way. the whole drive into work (which takes all of 15 minutes) i couldn't wait until we got to the parking lot so i could take some pictures.

finally we arrived. i took this one in the lot:

183_8317 (Medium)

and this one from my coworker's cubicle:

183_8319 (Medium)

it isn't very often we get a sunrise like that. beautiful.