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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

one fish two fish, old stick new stick

there's a dr. seuss book called one fish two fish, red fish blue fish that i really liked growing up. it's the inspiration for the title to the post today.

like i said last post, i broke my stick. and now i have the pictures to prove it:

Day 260 September 13  183_8365 (Medium)

i went out on sunday and bought two new sticks for $40, taxes in. thank you, back-to-school/hockey sales. i still need to make them shorter and tape them up and i have practice again tomorrow night so i need to do it soon.

backing up, i spent the weekend going solo since j was in montreal for vik's bachelor party. he was picked up around 7pm friday night and got back early sunday afternoon. he had a good weekend from the sounds of it. i spent a lot of my weekend sleeping. i bought some things for the house and went to see my parents. i gave my mom an atlas for her birthday. she seemed to like it.

Day 262 September 15  183_8382 (Medium)

i showed her my brother's pictures on facebook and she asked me to sign her up. i made her an account and added my brother and myself. who knows if she'll ever use it.

this saturday was j's birthday and it was the first time since we met that we didn't see each other on his birthday. so i gave him two presents before he left and one when he got home. i didn't make cake though. maybe i will.

sunday night i went over to t's new condo for the first craft night of the year. it was a mash of activities but it was fun and t's place is very nice. i started knitting christmas dishcloths but i just found a really neat pattern called the swiss cheese scarf and i'm more inspired.

new knitting and new shows on tv.. what more could i ask for? maybe a trip to cuba. still working on that.

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