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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it's all about the timing

about 10 minutes after posting the last post, i heard about the car. the man who rear-ended us is setting up payment at one of the body shops who will order our new bumper. we should be able to take it in to be fixed late this week or next week. sweet!

as for the rx-7, the $900 guy is now saying $500. i'm not too sure what's going on there. i do know that j finally talked to the garage where the car is and found out that we owe almost $500 for towing! ridiculous. j has a call into the towing company to find out exactly what's going on. that's an insane amount and probably jacked up because insurance normally covers it. that's our take on it anyways.

lesson learned: always have collision insurance on your car, no matter what kind of car it is. learn from our mistakes.

this weekend was long. the wedding show went well and my feet aren't as sore as they normally are, but i'm exhausted. there's something about working through the time you're supposed to have off. we have weekends for a reason.

normally i would take the monday off to sleep in and do laundry and maybe get groceries, but i couldn't this week because of commitments at work. i don't think i'll last all week - i'm going to need to sleep in soon - so i'm zombie-like. worse things have happened.

i have the house to myself this weekend and i'm trying to figure out how best to use this time. being a zombie makes me less creative so i haven't thought of anything yet. maybe ice cream and cookies in front of the tv dressed in my comfy clothes. mmmm ice cream and cookies.


  1. tow-truck drivers are a necessity in our world but sometimes I think they are not too far removed from ambulance-chasing lawyers. Preying on other people's misfortune... $500 sounds ridiculous to me too. What, did he tow it to Toronto and back?

    My brother backed into a ditch once with the van and we had to get a tow-truck to pull him out. $50. Yes, it was 11pm and who knows how far he had to drive to get there, but it took 5 minutes to get him out...

  2. Ooh - I say a girly craft night would be fun for your weekend! ;)