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Monday, September 24, 2007

hungry chicken

i'm hungry. it's almost lunch time. i was going to go for a run at lunch but i'm quickly convincing myself not to. i'm bad like that. maybe i'll convince j to run with me tonight.


oh man, the weekend is starting to blend into one long day. i think we went over to a friends house for a going-away-cause-he-got-a-great-new-job party but it was cancelled. we ended up just hanging out with him for an hour or so before heading back to our end of town and forcing ourselves on kw. j played guitar hero for about three hours. three hours! we got donuts on the way home cause that's how we roll.


i slept in while j went off to a little town outside the city with a friend to pick up his truck. judd needs the truck this week because he's having his car painted. we needed the truck to pick up our tree. the city has a program in place hoping to plant 100,000 trees. all you do is sign up online and you get a free tree. we showed up at the city nursery not far from our house and got a list of about 10 trees that we could pick from. it was between an oak and a hackberry - we chose the hackberry. it was too windy saturday to plant it so it's still in it's pot beside the house for now.


we had an incredibly lazy day sunday. we slept in and hung around the house until after 3pm. we went to chapters and bought the lonely planet guide for cuba. it's making me want to not stay in a resort for a week but to travel around the country. that's trouble. back to sunday: we went and had some mcdonalds before heading to j's parent's house for j's birthday dinner. i swear his birthday just keeps going. he got a really nice running shirt and a board and quiver windsurfing bag.

also, a cake:

Day 268 September 23  184_8434 (Medium)

the only other news i have is that i got an email for another competition i'm in. the exam is in a month. and that's that.

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