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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hump day and payday = heaven

apparently heaven happens every two weeks around here....

yesterday was a busy day. j didn't work so he had the car and picked me up from work. we went and walked around some stores. we found a plastic bag holder which will be useful in getting our pantry cleaned up and it goes on with double-sided tape - even i can install this sucker! we also got the ceiling mount for the projector. it needs something more than double-sided tape so it wasn't installed.

we only went to the stores because the 3 would be ready an hour after i got off work so there was no point in going home just to go right out again. we picked up the 3 at 4 and marvelled at the new bumper. they do good work at maaco. it was super nice to pick up the car and not have to pay for it... not that i'm recommending getting rear-ended or anything.

then we headed home in separate cars and got ready for my parents who came over to give j his birthday present. having just received back his staple gun, my dad decided j needed one of his own. it's a fancy thing that can take 6 different staple sizes. i don't know anything about staple guns, but that sounds pretty fancy to me. my parents didn't stay long but the cats sure put on a show for them - screaming and racing around.

j's parents called to tell us that we should go over to j's grandparents house because his uncle was in town and we had to drop off their car anyways. so we had dinner almost right after my parents left and then hopped in separate cars again and headed out. we dropped the smart car off at their house and then headed over to his grandparents house. we weren't even in the door when mg called and reminded us that we were going to see a movie.

after about 15 minutes, we raced off to see super bad. didn't realize that mg was on a date. the movie was funny, though it would have been much better about 5 years ago.

since this post has taken me forever and a day to post, i'll leave off here.

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