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Friday, September 14, 2007

decisions decisions

i had until last night to decide to play city hockey or not. and i had until after the practice to decide. i took until the absolute last minute to make my decision. i decided to play.

i played about 7 games with the other city team last year and really didn't like it. the level of play was high, possibly a little faster that i should be playing even, but the girls were bad. and by bad i mean bitchy. there was one point where one of the really good players actually screamed at another player on the ice. during the play. honestly.

i almost walked off the bench along with the screamed-at player. i couldn't believe what i was seeing and hearing. that was the most vocal thing that happened with that team, that i saw at least, but there was always this tension. girls didn't get along with each other. that doesn't make for a good time.

so this year when i got asked to play for this other team, i was a little hesitant because they play at the same level and when you play at a high level you get the hot-headed players who will do things like yell at their own teammates on the ice during the game.

so i held off on making a decision and was able to practice first, which i really appreciate. the girls all seemed really nice. i've played with a bunch of them before (in my intramural league last winter and spring or growing up) and decided that i can handle games once a week from now until april. it's what i did all growing up. i'm looking forward to it.

i'm also looking forward to getting a new stick because i broke my stick last night. it was a $30 stick i got 8 years ago. it doesn't owe me anything. i'll miss the heavy hunk of wood, but the big back-to-hockey sales are on now so i should be able to find something half decent for cheap. and if not, i'll just scream and yell at the people at the store because that's what you do to get your way.

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  1. sports are so much more enjoyable to play when your teammates are actually nice people, eh? Glad you found a good bunch.

    So I'm guessing this means the rex-replacement search is really on then? Or is poor j to be stranded at home once a week with no keys?