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Friday, September 7, 2007

car troubles

you all know that we got rear ended in the mazda 3 a few weeks ago and that j smashed the rx-7 into a light post. those are our car troubles. hopefully both will be resolved soon.

the 3

the brockville man who hit us asked that we not go through insurance so we got two estimates and mailed them to him (he doesn't have email and his fax machine is broken.) the estimates were both a little under $1000.

we called him after a reasonable-enough time for mail to get to brockville. his response: i'll give you $500 and we'll call it even.

ummm, NO! YOU hit US! we're not paying for YOU to be an idiot and rear ending US. does this make sense to anybody else? so j told him, politely, that he will pay for 100% of the repairs or we'll go through insurance. he said that $1000 was too much and that he was going to take the estimates to a mechanic in brockville. okay, but we aren't driving to brockville to get our car fixed.

it just never ends.

the rx-7

of the interest j got from posting the rx-7 for sale, none were sure things. a guy wanted to part the car out and leave us the shell. one wanted to car but had to find a towing company that would tow it to toronto. j was getting discouraged and called car heaven, a place that buys junk cars. he got even more discouraged when they offered him $100 for it.

but then last night, he got a serious offer for $900. i told him to jump on it. the body shop where the car is currently, has been calling about us paying for the cost of the tow and getting our sorry-ass car out of there. hopefully this $900-man is true to his word and takes the car soon.

single-car family

september 13th, i have to decide whether i'm playing hockey this winter for a city team. this team travels and i don't like the idea of leaving j without a car from 7:30-10:30 friday nights or 2:30-5:30 saturday afternoons, plus at least one night every week for a couple hours. so we've been looking at getting another car. casually looking for now because we told ourselves that we would wait until one of us got a raise. i got my yearly cost-of-living raise, but you hardly notice an extra $20 a month.

we tried to look at a yaris but the dealership only had a sedan. no thank you. we want something small but still useful (ie. not a smart car) and super good on gas. it's going to be our go-everywhere-within-the-city car and the 3 will be the family-we-need-groceries car. we're still in the baby stages of looking at this so it'll probably be a while before we really know what we want and who knows about the promotions....


  1. some people have a lot of nerve.

    Maybe you should have thanked him for the compliment - it's nice to know that you look youthful but really, you weren't born yesterday.

    On a serious note, if you *do* decide to go through insurance in the end, is there a time limit for reporting the accident in order to get the insurance companies involved? I don't know anything about this first hand, thankfully, but I would hate to have you miss out on your repair cash because buddy was dragging his feet.

    Also, keep track of how much time and money you spend on the phone long distance to Brockvegas, and running around getting estimates and mailing and everything in case (worst case!) you have to take him to small-claims court to get your cash. All that stuff costs you real money so keep records of everything everything everything.

    Hope this is all over for you soon!

  2. Turns out, the guy called one of the places we got an estimate and paid. We found out because the company called J at work to say that he was ordering our new bumper. Honestly, he got the call about an hour after I wrote that post. OopS!

    But yeah, I don't know if there is a time limit, but at least our insurance already had a file open and the police report would help too I'm sure. Either way, it looks like it's getting sorted out.

  3. I know you have, like, a year to file an accident report with the police after an accident has occured - I know that sounds like a ridiculously long time, but that's what I was told after my accident. As long as you have made an official accident report, I think insurance must have to honour that... shouldn't they? Perhaps I'm being an idealist...