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Friday, August 24, 2007

what happens in vegas...

my interview went well. i got mega nervous beforehand and was super hot during, but it's over and i only lied once. (i lied in my last important interview (for my current job actually) and panicked about it for a couple weeks after. this time i know they aren't going to be asking my references about it.) so it's over. you'll know when i hear back, if i hear back.

in other news, i was asked to play on a city hockey team. i'm seriously considering it but don't need to decide until september 13th, which happens to be the first practice night. good hockey is tempting!

but it's really hard to think about playing hockey or doing anything else when all i want to do is sleep. i am not sleeping enough (or well enough) and have no energy. i'm partially blaming it on the weather too. isn't august in ontario supposed to be hot and sunny and "summer-y"? well it isn't anymore. yuck, weather, just yuck.

(the title of the post has nothing to do with anything. just so you know.)

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