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Friday, August 31, 2007

too long, too busy

i'm sorry for the lack of posting. it's the end of the summer and certain things are slowing down before, no doubt, picking up again with the beginning of the cooler weather.

things like sports. i'm leaning towards playing both hockey and volleyball again this winter. keeping myself busy with sports will help slow down the passage of time. honestly, without anything going on this summer (ignoring the occasional basebal game i played in) the days melted together and passed very quickly. i very much miss having things to do, even though sometimes i wish i had nothing.

the lesson learned is this: if i don't want to go one night, i won't go. taking a game off here and there is not a crime so signing up for these sports can only be a good thing for me.

my mind is not entirely made up but you can tell which way i'm leaning. i have hardly any time left to decide on volleyball but another 2 weeks to decide on hockey. i plan on using the whole time to think about it.

but now i really must get back to work. too bad work didn't take a break this summer.


  1. Hey your sidebar says you watched Hot Fuzz. Did you like it? Had you seen Shawn of the dead before you saw it?

    Thoughts? ;-)

  2. I had seen Shawn of the Dead and thought it was hilarious. Hot Fuzz was good too. It was similar in how the comedy was delivered. Definitely worth watching if you liked Shawn of the Dead.

  3. A dress-rehearsal occupied the afternoon before the day of days, and the pathetic expostulations of the lovely Mary-- Mine all doth hang--my life--my destiny-- Upon my words--upon the force of tears!-- aided by the long veil, and the emotion which sympathy brought into Ellen's countenance, proved too much for the enforced prudence of Master Horner.. All the qualities which we esteem in our mental operations, and which distinguish these as complicated activities of a high order, we find repeated in the dream thoughts...

  4. You guys should check out "Spaced" on Showcase this Sunday night (10pm - 11pm). It is the series that the fellows from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz made before they were movie biz types.

    It's great! You can see where a great deal of the humour from the movie originated.

    Spaced on Showcase Deets