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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

talk about busy

work is incredibly busy. but where i work is a nice place to work - they provide us with things like the free corn roast happening tomorrow at lunch. it's a good deal. you get your "ticket" and you go outside for lunch time, play dodgeball and talk to everyone and get two free cobs of corn and a drink. i don't know how they do it, but it's nice. (there's also the annual bbq, but i was in bc for it.)

i was begged to play dodgeball with my team from last year. it's a bunch of people that work on my floor. you have to have at least 3 girls on the court and that's always tough, finding enough girls. i said yes, but didn't really want to. especially since it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

and then an excuse came and plopped in my lap: i have an interview tomorrow afternoon. it's for the bi-03 i wrote mid-july. i'm currently a bi-01 so it's a little up there for me so i'm not nervous (or serious, really) about it. i'll dress all fancy and answer as smartly as i can, but won't be too worried if that's the end of the road for me in this competition. apparently, it isn't the only interview - whooo, we're in the big leagues now.

last night i read and read and read and finally finished the 5th harry potter book. i even cracked open the 6th and am very much looking forward to it. but really, it's the 7th that i'm all excited for. it will be brand new. i've read all the others before so every now and then i remember what's going to happen and it kinda sucks. but the 7th.. brand sparkly new. and no one has ruined the ending for me yet, thankfully.

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  1. Trouble finding women? In the Gov department I used to work for, we were always struggling to find more men!

    Good luck on your interview tomorrow! All you can do is do your best - worst case scenario: you don't get something you didn't expect to anyway, best case scenario: you might surprise yourself and get it!