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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sore loser

thursday night was my baseball year-end party at my place. two birds with one stone since none of them had seen the new place. it was a pretty low-key night.

i couldn't get out of bed friday morning. i had a feeling j would want to take the day off and i was right. he stayed in bed for most of the day. i dragged myself to work for 10am (3 hours late) only to leave an hour later for our team lunch in my hometown. lunch was good. it was nice seeing some of our coworkers who have left on mat leave.

i didn't go back to work though. i went to see my parents. i wasn't convinced that my mom was "okay" like she said she was. so we talked in their backyard for almost 3 hours. i finally got back in the car and drove home.

i was exhausted. i slept from 6-9pm. j went out but i stayed in. he was out with some guys getting our friend, dL, drunk. dL just broke up with his girlfriend and was in need of some beer and some dirty jokes (that's what guys do when they get together, right? drink beer and fart?)

saturday was a very lazy day. we had sylvia's party to go to that night so we took it easy all day. i can't even remember what we did. but there was the party. j decided he was going to go out with other friends and left with the rx-7. i got myself to my hometown a little late but it was okay. i got to see some people i hadn't seen since highschool and some others that i only see at these parties.

and then j showed up. apparently my friends are better than his. we spent most of the night talking to s&l. it was good. then we drove home separately.

sunday i promised to meet tania at the dog park. i didn't think 1pm was too early, but then i slept in late and was kinda rushed. we walked and talked and i saw some of the biggest dogs i've ever seen. it was nice being outside. i found out that a blog i had been reading a lot last year is actually a girl i went to high school with but who was a year behind me. i still can't believe it's her.

we had another couple over for dinner sunday night. it was a nice, relaxing end to the weekend.

but then i took yesterday off so my weekend just kept going. i stayed in bed with the cats until mid-morning and then lounged around. i finally got myself put together and went out to get some estimates for the damage to our car from being rear-ended. everything was going well until i got to the last place. the guy obviously though i was a dumb girl, said he wouldn't give me an estimate, that i was wasting my time, that i couldn't get the car fixed without going through insurance, to have my insurance company call him. what an ass! he isn't getting our business.

i spent the rest of the day reading the 5th harry potter book. i'm in the read-until-it's-done zone so i should be finished pretty quickly. i'm really excited to get to book 7, but obviously book 6 still stands in my way. i'm glad i started back at the beginning. i don't remember 99% of the books.

and that's my story until now. i heard today that people have been called for interviews for the bi-03 competition that i'm in. i haven't got a call yet but i'm hoping that isn't because i'm not getting an interview. we'll see. i'll keep you posted.

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  1. I'm so happy you wrote today. I'm home sick today and have regular access to the internet, so I have been totally blog stalking you. :)

    Thinking of you this week. You are a superior support system to lots of people. Take care.