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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

sharks take the silver

turns out there were some injuries this weekend:

one girl hit the ball right up into her face. luckily she just got a goose egg on her forehead. she stayed in the game.

another girl slid into home and dislocated her shoulder. she came out of the game.

the third girl did the same as the first and hit the ball up into her face. she wasn't as lucky and got hit in the eye. thankfully her eye is okay, but her face is looking a little messy. here she is trying to open her eye:

181_8175 (Medium)

all this to say that i got to play. we had three games on saturday and three on sunday. i only played in one and a half but the way my body is feeling would tell you that i played in about 12. i can't believe how sore i am.

but it was a good weekend. we won the silver medal and almost got the gold. the last game really could have gone either way.

and i was able to get myself to the toronto airport okay. i only had one crazy guy come up to me while i was waiting for j. i can still remember how he smelled... yuck.

anyways, the whole weekend was good, but what was better was that yesterday was a stat holiday. i was able to sleep in and sleep some more and do what i want. we ended up finally leaving the house late afternoon to see what stores were open. we went and bought some couches (to replace the ones that didn't fit down the stairs to the basement) and a projector with the couch money. the projector is already set up, not in the exact place we want it but it's working. and the couches will be delivered thursday. thursday! no nine months of waiting for these puppies... thursday!

only 3.8 more work days left until the weekend.


  1. ouch! That picture makes my face hurt.

  2. Nice picture, yipes! Hooray for the couhes and the projector! We always imagined one day we'd have aprojector instead of a TV, what kind did you go with?

    nice weekend. I owe a couple updates. I hope blogger lets me put in pictures this time so I can finally finish.

    later gator

  3. Hey Batman,

    You did a terrific job this weekend. I was super-DUPER happy that you came to the tournament. You sharkie, you. Wouldn't have been as fun or as great without ya!