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Thursday, August 16, 2007

on death and dying

it's impossible, when faced with death, to avoid thinking about your own mortality. absolutely impossible.

the good thing is that i feel very alive. did i need a death to feel this way? surely not, but it helps.

my grandmother passed away yesterday. my mom's mom. they weren't close and so we weren't close. no matter how much the death doesn't effect me in a day-to-day sense, i still find myself thinking about death and about dying.

i don't know yet if there will be a funeral. my mom didn't seem to think there would be. but then i'm not even sure i would go if there was one. if it was in town then i definitely would, but if it's across the country then maybe not.

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  1. wow, that was quick.

    Even though you weren't close, I hope you have a handful of good memories to keep with you.

    Take care, and keep an eye out for your mom. Losing her mother has got to be tough no matter how close they might have been....