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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ketchup catch up

j went away for 3 whole days to a new and exciting place and came back with two presents for me. what could they be, you ask. well, they are these:

181_8141 (Medium)

and he didn't even have to buy them. the guy staying in the room across the hall from them ordered room service and didn't use his ketchup or mustard. i'm not joking.

back story: we stayed in the chateau laurier on our wedding night and ordered room service late that night (who really eats the food at a wedding?) our chicken burgers came with a little ketchup bottle that j thinks is adorable and so calls it the k ketchup bottle, using my real name of course.

so when he saw these he thought they would be perfect. you know, nothing says "atlanta" like two mini condiment bottles. but really, they are perfect.


  1. Bahahaha! That's hilarious Batman! But shows that you're a lucky gal to have such a sweet hubby :) You guys are awesome!

    k2 (a.k.a. anonymous)

  2. And it's Dijon mustard, to boot. A truly lavish gift!