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Monday, August 13, 2007

i wasn't talking about marshmallows

the cottage was good. really good. we got up there around 8pm friday night i think and set ourselves up. most of the night was spent in the cottage sitting around talking. saturday was full of boating and windsurfing and reading and lying on the beach. a guy from bell was supposed to come to look at the phone so everyone but me went out in the boats. they came back all excited because they saw turtles. i was mad! so later on, j and i went back to that place and i saw 5 turtles!! we also saw a bunch of baby ducks right at the beach. (pictures soon!)

after dinner saturday night we decided to go into the big town of killaloe. we parked across the street from a building with a bunch of old people out front. they were wearing name tags but the building had the word "funeral" on top so we weren't quite sure what they was going on. we walked around the town seeing no one else and when we were almost back at the cars, an old man on a scooter had stopped up ahead to ask a random guy what was going on in town that night. the man said that there was a dance at the legion and a wake at the funeral home and some people walking around (the people were us). there were three things going on in the city and we were one of them. how sad.

and i'm sure the dance and wake were in the same building. odd.

needless to say, we didn't stay long in killaloe. we went back to the cottage and had a bonfire, roasted marshmallows and watched the meteor shower. i have to say, I WAS RIGHT!! the meteor shower peaked sunday night, aka. monday at 1am, not saturday night. we didn't miss the big show by going to bed earlier than 1am. we did get to see lots of little meteors and one huge one. i wonder what the peak part of the shower looked like.

sunday was a whole lot of the same as saturday: lying on the beach reading, j windsurfing, eating and finally heading back to town. we went straight to j's parent's place for dinner and only got home around 9pm. the cats were happy to see us and i was happy to shower. we didn't stay up late because we were both exhausted from the weekend.

and now it's monday and it's back to work. i have a feeling this is going to be a long week. i got news from my mom this morning that my grandmother is very close to the end. i'm not close with my grandparents so i'm not feeling much of anything, sadly enough. my poor mom has to travel to bc though to tag-team the situation with her brother and sister. i just hope it's quick.

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  1. All that effort staying up late to see meteors for naught!

    As rough as it sounds, I know what you mean about hoping it's quick. Even if you are really close to someone, long drawn out endings aren't good for anyone especially family giving support. Good for your mom for pitching in to help though. Sometimes one family member gets stuck with the whole job while everyone else sits at home and talks about how they are doing everything wrong. And that's just not fair.