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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i owe you one (or a ton)

i haven't posted pictures in a while. let's break it down.

first, our little accident:

181_8185 (Medium)

you can't even see the damage in this shot. what you see is how much higher the jeep is compared to our car and hopefully that makes it easy to understand that when he hit us, he went right up on our bumper.

this is the pot plant that was outside the police station where we went to make a statement about the accident:

181_8186 (Medium)

i think somebody played a trick on the cops.

then there's the new couches and new projector:

181_8192 (Medium)

this is not a good picture and i apologize for that.

and the cottage weekend. i learned how to windsurf:

208_0887 (Medium)

we saw ducks:

208_0847 (Medium)

we saw turtles:

181_8199 (Medium)

and we went boating:

208_0857 (Medium)

good times.

j had to work last night. i'm talking we got into work at 7 and he's still there 25 hours later. apparently he took a break from 4 - 7am and sleep at his desk. what a trooper. i brought him some clean clothes and some food this morning when i came in. i spent the night by myself - i went shopping and did some errands and then cleaned the house. i was very productive. now it's time for hot chocolate.


  1. I'll call you tonight... I don't have Internet where I'm staying, so I just got your comment now. TTYS.

  2. I'm glad you refrained from posting 400 pictures of me trying to windsurf. Keyword: trying.

    Poor J, living at work.

  3. I Love the turtle picture! So cute!