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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


when i'm really tired, i say that i'm exhausterated. that's like exhausted ++, you know, mega exhausted. this week, and i know it's only wednesday, is turning out to be a bad sleep week. i've been getting to bed late and napping after work. needless to say i'm exhausterated.

and then work is just running me down. good news is that i'm meeting with the director this afternoon (an hour after i'm supposed to leave for the day, but what can you do) so maybe i'll ask about the added responsibilities turning into added money. it's always such a tough topic so my bet is that i won't be able to bring it up. but you never know.

i got a flickrmail (email on flickr) about my pictures from the fire last saturday. i've been asked to submit them to an online magazine. once i've sent in the pictures and story, i'll post the link. it's an incredible feeling, especially since i was only using the little point and shoot that was running low on batteries. i'm very excited!

but i'm feeling a little lost: j left for atlanta this morning. he has training for work tomorrow and friday and asked to take the camera. MY camera. at first, i said no then i thought about it a little more and realized that him taking the big camera didn't make sense so i sent him off with my little camera. i'm feeling a little naked without it. i've spent the past 200+ days carrying it everywhere with me so maybe you can understand what i'm feeling. but at least i have the big camera.

and don't you worry, i'm not feeling lost because i'm by myself. it's kinda nice. i can stay late at work and not have to feel bad about making j stay late too. and i can eat ice cream and cookies for dinner and just tell him i made a three course meal, which he would never believe anyways. ice cream and cookies it is! single k goes crazy when left to her own devices.

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  1. Hahah! That's really funny, that is exactly what I would do too! I like being by myself for the first few days, than it get's a little too quiet. Congrats on the pictures, that's really cool! If you feel like hanging out, let me know!
    I'm going to go grab a quick bite and than go to school to write a midterm I'd forgotten about until later this morning... oops :)