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Thursday, August 9, 2007

crunchy crunchy

we left work a little later than usual yesterday. we both had some things to finish off around 3pm. our drive home isn't farg and doesn't normally take very long, about 15-20 minutes. it's only three main streets and some side streets. we do it every day without incident. until yesterday.

we were stopped at the second set of lights we come to when we get hit from behind. i wasn't driving, but j said that the guy behind us who hit us was stopped so he was very surprised when we were hit. he thinks the guy must have just taken his foot off the brake. needless to say we weren't hit hard.

we both got out of the car. the damage isn't bad but it's there. the other guy was driving an suv so his bumper basically just went on top of ours. our poor little car. j and the man exchanged information while i took pictures. we didn't know what else to do so we left.

we drove the rest of the way home in disbelief, still not sure why he hit us. j spent a while on the phone last night with the insurance company and has to call them back today. i really don't know a lot about car accidents and the aftermath so we'll see how this all works out. pictures as soon as i've taken them off the camera.


  1. That really sucks. At least there was little to no speed behind the impact. From both my and Dave's experience with being rear-ended, I recommend patience with the Insurance company. They move slowly. Thankfully the two of you are alright and hopefully you'll get the car fixed without any problems.

  2. seconding the patience bit, from what I've heard... but also adding a vote for persistence. Keep bugging them to make it right, and don't let them pin anything on you or make you accept sub-par repairs. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. And as far as collisions go, you got off lucky on this one! Glad you're both ok!