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Friday, August 10, 2007

cops and couches

we went to the police station yesterday after work to report our collision. apparently that's what you're supposed to do. the cop was nice and made the report for us and told us what to do about the guy from brockville. thankfully they can take care of everything by phone and fax. i was wondering how that was going to work. so next week we'll take the car in to get some estimates on fixing the bumper.

but the big excitement from yesterday was that we got our new couches delivered and they made it into the basement! they look less red down there and look really good. we have the whole set up now, minus a decent coffee table. we're using an old bedside table that's not big enough. it works but so will a new one from ikea. yay ikea.

we're heading off to the cottage tonight with 2 other couples (hi a&s and s&l!). i'm really looking forward to relaxing, even though part of me wants to stay home and clean. i feel like we've been neglecting the house and we have, but being away for three weekends in a row will do that. especially when it was too hot to do anything but lie around for a couple of weeks there.

i don't think the cats are going to be very happy with us when we leave them again. when we get back after being away for a weekend they die with happiness, which is nice, but makes me feel bad for leaving them in the first place. but thankfully they are cats and can be left alone for a couple of days at a time.

now i'm just rambling. okay, back to work!

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  1. Last nigh I had a dream where I adopted a basset hound and called him Ben. I really really loved him, but had a terrified moment of realization that I would have to walk him everyday, and I had forgotten to consider it before adoption! The horror! Actually I was pretty bent out of shape about it, but when I woke up to the incessent meowing and trouble-cauing of our cats, I was happy. It's definitely easier. Have an awesome weekend, sounds amazing.