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Friday, August 3, 2007

bruce willis has nothing on this guy

after a lovely dinner in airconditioning (thank you, j&m!) i stopped to get groceries. i needed some things for my big road trip and this weekend. i stopped at the grocery store in our neighbourhood and was going around when i spotted a guy who looked a lot like bruce willis.

i was going up and down the aisles when i see him up ahead, coming towards me. and he says this:

what did you eat to make you so good looking?

i couldn't have heard him right, but i did because he said the exact same thing when i asked him to repeat himself. and then he told me that was called "flirting in the aisles".

okay buddy, i know exactly what flirting is, but that was the WORST pick-up line, ever!

but who knows, maybe bruce said it in one of his movies.


off to toronto after work today for the baseball provincials. i'm going to help out my team. back in may, i put my name on the roster in case they had some injuries or something. and of course, they did have one player injured and one isn't able to play tomorrow. they still have enough without me but i'll be on the bench in case someone else gets injured. i'm nice that way.

i called j last night to get him to show me how to update kevin (my ipod) with the harry potter book i'm reading. i figured that listening to the book will be good for the drive. i don't drive often anymore but will be finefinefine.

i'm a little worried about navigating the toronto airport by myself (that's where i'm picking j up) but it'll be finefinefine too.

okay, back to work for the last day this week. it's been a long one.


  1. " A bag of onions and a quart of mustard a week, whether I need it or not"

    I don't know what I would have done. Flirting is weird! Have a fun weekend. Good luck with the driving, and enjoy your audio book!

  2. As lame as that line is, it's probably 4 times better than anything I could come up with.

    Have fun in T.O! I have no idea what Pearson is like now because the last time I picked someone up there was just over 5 years ago... time files! I'm sure you'll figure it out though.

  3. Oh gosh! I laughed out loud when I read that, and everyone was wondering what was wrong!!

    Have a great drive, and enjoy Harry Potter!

  4. Hahah... thats really funny! Have a great weekend K, and enjoy Harry Potter! (which # is it anyway?)

  5. I will give that man credit for having a location relevant pick up line.