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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

you know

you know how short weeks always feel even longer than regular weeks? why is that?

and you know how getting up on time for work on a monday after a long weekend is the hardest thing to do? i understand that one but i still hate hearing the alarm only a couple hours after falling asleep.

all that to say that yesterday was a long day but my nap after work was incredible. and then we went for dinner with a&s. it was really good food and great conversation. we definitely don't have groceries in the house, but we had a great time. and it was nice to see their little kitten again - she's grown but is nowhere near chester-size.

speaking of chester, i fed him and his sister before i went to work yesterday and j, who wasn't feeling well and stayed home, fed them again when he got up after 11am. oops! tricky cats can convince you they haven't eaten in days if they want. and they've learned that we come from upstairs so they'll wait at the top of the stairs, clawing at the door. our cats don't like that and patrol the door, even though it's closed.

and on an entirely different note, i'm frustrated with myself for not being active so i signed up for a 5K race in two weeks. it's the same weekend as HOPE so i knew we wouldn't be wanting to be out of town and it was only $20. $20 to get my ass in gear - perfect! anyone wanna run with me? it's sunday, july 15th at 9am.

there were some other races listed but i would really like to get out to the cottage or go camping at some point so i'm not signing up for anything else. speaking of the cottage, we have to find out if it's being used and when so we can work around that. ah the things to do.

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  1. I think that sounds like a good way to force myself to do some running :)
    If you can pass me the details I'll come run with you!