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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

when there is too much to say

when there is too much to say, we resort to pictures telling the story. this is one of those times.

we went up to the cottage friday night. we went into town saturday for lunch and to get some things. there was a huge fire at a gas station.

180_8070 (Medium)

(for more pictures, believe me, there are tons, click on the picture and look through the others in my photostream)

we saw lots of wildlife. there was a huge porcupine on the road on the drive in and lots of loons and ducks on the water. the ducks were my favourite because of the blue on their wings.

206_0690 (Medium)

we bought four trees to bring back to town. it was hilarious getting them all wrapped up for the drive on the back of the trailer.

180_8088 (Medium)

the trees survived the two hour trip and have been planted in the backyard. the idea is to cut down on the noise from the street behind our house and to provide some shade and privacy. the shade and privacy will come later once the trees mature.

180_8092 (Medium)

then yesterday was my favourite coworker's last day. she's leaving a month earlier than planned for her mat leave. we threw her a shower.

181_8101 (Medium)

it's going to be a lot quieter here without her. maybe i'll get more work done. then again, maybe not.


  1. nice grass!
    I have such a bad case of grass envy, it's insane. I have no problem growing weeds... but why won't my grass grow?

    Sucks to be the gas station people. I can't imagine losing everything like that. I'm sure that it takes months to sort out all the collateral damage and paperwork.

  2. Well, I'll say NICE GRASS too... without the 'GR'.

  3. I love when you do story telling with pictures! Thanks batman.
    Your grass does look a lot nicer than ours. Some day...

  4. It's brand new grass so just wait a couple of years and it'll be yellow and patchy and weedy... promise!

  5. Hey! Where is your cottage? To get to ours *my grandmas' really* we go through Eganville. Yours must be not too far.
    I told my bros to watch for the destruction when they drive through on Sat.

    Sorry to hear you're all alone, but enjoy the solitude! sometimes its nice to do whatever you want and have the house to yourself. ;))