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Monday, July 23, 2007

weekend meltdown

this was the best weekend yet of the summer. it was jam-packed of friends and family. friday night was more of a date night though. we got a call saying my rings were ready for pickup. the white gold was turning yellow so we took them in for free rhodium-plating (white gold is just yellow gold with rhodium plating). my wedding ring was ready but not my engagement ring. the wedding ring is sparkly white. white white white! after that, we had dinner at moxie's in bayshore and i had the best club i've ever had.

the harry potter movie came out last week so we went to a smaller theater and saw it and stopped at the bookstore afterwards to buy the latest and last book in the series.

Day 205 July 20  180_8026 (Medium)

j and i are racing: he's reading this book and i've started at book #1. i have to read the first three before he finishes this one. i'm off to a good start - i'm almost done the first one.

saturday, we were getting set to go to the beach so j could windsurf when sylvia called and asked if i wanted to go to the beach. perfect! i dropped j and his windsurfing gear off and went to bayshore again. there was a big sale on bikinis so i bought a nice blue one and headed back.

206_0602 (Medium)

i hung out with alan and sylvia while j was out on the water. alan took a try and managed to fall about a kazillion times AND cut his leg up pretty badly (alan, hope it's getting better and not infected!) the weather was perfect and it was such a good time.

we had quick showers at home and then headed over to my aunt and uncles place about 30 minutes away for a bbq dinner. there were only 6 of us (a small family gathering) but it was nice. we had steak and salmon and potatoes and veggies. and wine. there was lots of wine. i personally don't like it, but those who do, drank a lot of it.

since we were already out that way, i called s&l and basically invited ourselves over to their place. we sat on their amazing porch and ate cheese and drank wine (again, not me, but there was wine to be had). we hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to just sit and chat.

by the time we got home we were so exhausted in that we-did-so-much-today happy kind of way. we crashed into bed and slept hard.

sunday we were up pretty early (early for us on a weekend) and went to home depot and bought some gardening stuff. we put some edging and mulch around our tree in the front and j planted the japanese maple in the back. we also bought some lie down lawn chairs at walmart (maybe not the best quality but they get the job done) so we read in the sun for a while. it was nice.

work has been getting busier and busier. there might come a time when i can't blog from work anymore. imagine that.


  1. so is a kazillion falls more than a bajillion falls?

    I'm pretty sure the leg is not infected (yay!) but it's about as nasty looking as you would expect a 2" gash to look: crusty red and black and purple and white. It stopped oozing on Sunday, so I took that as a good sign :-)

  2. whoa! that sounds brutal, how did you do it? on the sail rigging? I'm glad it's healing though. and not...oozing anymore ;-)

    Sounds like a superb weekend, especially the beach. where do you guys go to?

  3. it was fall #(kazillion - 1): I whacked myself with the mast or something on the way down toward the water. Felt like someone kicked me in the shins, but I didn't actually notice the cut until batman pointed it out to me. It really looks a lot worse than it feels. Thank goodness I don't have hemophilia!